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Calling all Creators: Show us your moves! – MK Khan

Most Decentraland citizens should be familiar with Emotes. Waving to your friends, doing the ‘Hammer’ dance at a concert, or reacting with ‘Head Explode’ upon seeing a new wild Wearable are classic times when Emotes are used. The 19 base Emotes you already know are available for free to anyone in Decentraland, just like the basic free selection of Wearables you dress your avatar in on your first visit to Decentraland. But now, something is changing…You’d better ready your ‘Head Explode’ Emote on that Emote speed dial, because there’s about to be a lot more new and amazing Emotes around Decentraland. Anyone can make and submit Emotes now!

Check out some cool new Emotes that have already been created:

Now, just like with Wearables, Creators will be able to make all-new Emotes—special dance moves, dramatic poses (the sky is really the limit here)—and sell them in the Decentraland Marketplace as NFTs. The publishing process will be very similar to publishing Wearables in that a Creator will have to pay a publishing fee and wait for the Curation Committee to approve their items. NFT Emotes will also have differing levels of rarity depending on how many copies are minted.

You can find everything you need to know to make and submit your own Emotes here.

NFT Emotes made their first appearance at this year’s Metaverse Fashion Week in the form of a few glamorous fashion poses that were given freely from a special, hidden statue. There have also been a few cases of celebrities, such as the pop star Thalia, who airdropped Emote versions of their signature dance moves at special events. Now that NFT Emotes are entering the Creator market, anyone will be able to share their creativity and make, submit, and sell their Emotes. This should really take Decentraland dance battles to the next level!

A contest is on the horizon…

Speaking of taking dance battles to the next level, the Metaverse Music Festival is coming up in mid-November and there’s something extra special planned for Creators. To celebrate the festival as well as NFT Emotes, the Decentraland Foundation will host a dance moves Emote contest in the weeks before the big event! Don’t lose any time, and start planning what ultimate killer dance move you’ll create now. Stay tuned for more news about the contest in the coming weeks.

So what are you waiting for? Get creating and show the world your moves! The community can’t wait to see what you make.

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